Looking to reduce your electrical consumption?

With a few, simple cost cutting efforts, our SMARTech electrical contractors can help your manufacturing facility to reduce its energy consumption.

To offer you some guidance, we have compiled a list of five cost saving ideas – helping you to grow your bottom line, so you can grow your business.

  • Energy Monitoring Equipment – by eliminating the uncertainty about day-to-day energy usage, it is easier to regain full control over energy consumption. By having a fully transparent energy monitoring system with minute by minute data, it becomes easier to engage staff in becoming more aware of their energy usage.
  • LED Lighting – by simply upgrading to an LED lighting  system, improved power quality and reduced ampage can be achieved across a site.  This brings with it savings of up to 90%.
  • Voltage Optimisation – this solution easily achieves significant energy savings on applicable sites – whilst also increasing the longevity of electrical equipment through a reduction in heat and vibration caused by higher voltages.
  • Motor Optimisation – savings of up to 60% can be made by ensuring that all electric motors are optimised through added intelligence. Coupled with this are the reduced maintenance and repair costs, a decrease in downtime of equipment and ultimately an increased lifespan.
  • kVA decrease – when did you last review you kVA maximum demand? As equipment is upgraded and becomes more efficient it places a lower demand on your electrical system. This results in many sites still being fixed on higher kVA than required. By simply reviewing this savings, as high as 50% can be achieved at no additional cost.

To find out how our team can help you, please contact SMARTech electrical services through the website or call us on 01225 635660.