Corsham based SMARTech electrical services work with Farmers for long term energy efficient solutions.

The burden of rising energy costs for Farmers

Milk cooling, water heating and vacuum pumps make farming extremely energy intensive and with energy costs rising, it’s a considerable expense for Farmers,

SMARTech Electrical Services work to install Energy Saving Solutions

SMARTech electrical services, is a division of Corsham-based SMARTech energy Ltd, which means we have the infrastructure and industry know-how to identify innovative energy saving solutions which are designed for Farmers and Creameries.  Our Electrical Services team work closely with our SMARTech energy Consultancy team to manage the follow:

  • Understand your energy usage across the farm
  • Manage your energy risks associated with supply, power outages and surges
  • Control your energy costs
  • Identify energy saving solutions from LED, Heat Pumps, Cooling to name a few

We make your farm more energy efficient

  • Analytics on energy supply and usage
  • An understanding of your usage to reduce energy costs

To find out more and to discuss with one of our Energy Consultants, please click on the following link.