Jamie Dennison is the Electrical Contracts Manager for the SMARTech Electrical Services.

We caught up with Jamie and ran a few quick fire questions in electrical services past him.

What is the most challenging project you have worked on? And why?
Westbury Pool in Wiltshire.  It’s a listed 125 year old building and with small recess areas and uneven surfaces, the installation of new LED lights has proved fairly challenging.

How would you handle a situation in which you could not meet the contract deadlines?
Communication is key to any situation.  People don’t like surprises.

What’s it like to head up the Electrical Contracts division of SMARTech energy?
It’s a challenging role, where creativity and good ideas are welcome.  There’s a lot to learn and the implementation of new processes and procedures will help to better manage the team going forward.

What’s the greatest underestimation in the field of electrical services?
The biggest underestimation is not necessarily around the services, but in the benefits of energy efficient products.  Simple changes such as replacing florescent light bulbs for LED lights can improve the environment of an organisation and save money.

What’s the best energy efficient technical advancement you have seen/heard about recently?
The evaporative cooling system from EcoCooling.  It’s incredibly energy efficient and easy to install and maintain. Definitely my favourite product so far.

Your new 70” all singing, all dancing TV breaks down during the footie…do you fix it or call in the TV repairman?
Fix it!  Have a go!

Thanks for your time Jamie!